Missing Colcha Embroideries
Made in Saguache, Colorado 1976-1983

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with any leads or questions

Delores Worley - The Ranch

Delores Worley - The San Luis Valley

Delores Worley - Double Rainbow

Tiva Trujillo - La Llorona 1

Tiva Trujillo - La Llorona 2

Tiva Trujillo - La Llorona 3

Tiva Trujillo - Potato Harvest Tives Family

Tiva Trujillo - Los Penitentes

Tiva Trujillo - Bad Temptation by a Spider

Francis Russell - Saguache Cuts

Francis Russell - Country Church

Francis Russell - Horses

Francis Russell - New Mexico Church

Francis Russell - Cabin

Patsy Garcia - Pinon Picking

Patsy Garcia - Cactus

Patsy Garcia - The Cuts

Nettie Quintana - Country Church

Nettie Quintana - Deer

Nettie Quintana - Horse in French Knots

Nettie Quintana - Mountains

Nettie Quintana - Tobler's House/p>

Lupe Tafoya - My House

Evelyn Trujillo - My Home by Flag Hill

Mary Pacheco - Night Scene

Brenda Rowe Heckathorne - Evening Star

Marcella Quintana - Indian Chief

Marcella Quintana - Bronco

Mary Baker - Beehives

Mary Baker - Medina Plaza Church

Mary Baker - Shields

Mary Baker - Sanford Hills

Margie Gurule - Old Fort Garland

Margie Gurule - Pronghorn

Margie Gurule - Rio Grande

Margie Gurule - Little Shepherd In The Hills, Crestone Colorado

Margie Gurule - Creede Mine

Margie Gurule - Coyote

Mary Anne Gallegos - Houses

Mary Anne Gallegos - Owl

Virginia Lovato - Cabin

Virginia Lovato - Cabin

Virginia Lovato - Mountains

Virginia Lovato - Cabins and Horse

Virginia Lovato - God